What will you learn at LAZAR Music Studios?

Sing is far more than opening your mouth

At Lazar Music studios we pride ourselves on our ability to assist our students to prepare for all aspects of performance art. These included: 

  1. Breath control
  2. Pitch
  3. Rhythm and phrasing
  4. Placement and posture
  5. Improvement in confidence
  6. Feeling accepted and supported in a positive environment

The lessons are usually scheduled weekly, however we also offer a fortnightly option, and all lessons are held within the school term.

All students work towards an end of year concert. Since the establishment of Lazar Music Studios, students have performed at three local events which is aligned with our goal of community involvement. We look forward to the festive season where many students participate in the local Carols services. Moreover, several students become involved with performances in musicals, either within their school or the wider community. We always look to support our students in their areas of interest and prepare them accordingly.

As expected within all areas of performing arts, our students are unique with differing levels of ability. We pride ourselves on the customisation of our education and training delivery to give each individual the opportunity to reach their potential in a positive and supportive environment.

Lazar Music Studios utilises industry specific software titled ‘My Music Staff’. This facilitates professional scheduling, notifying the students of upcoming performances, as well as emailing regular blogs and newsletters.

We look forward to participating in the Creative Kids program as we continue to serve our local community and promote the performing arts as a positive and rewarding area for growth for our students.