Who can learn to sing at Lazar Music Studios?

Who can learn to sing at Lazar Music Studios?


Put simply EVERYONE can learn to sing?

It is well known singing creates endorphins that improve mental health and general well-being. I doesn't matter if you or your child needs to develop confidence or the dream is to be a 'star', everyone has something to gain from singing.



LAZAR Music Studios caters for children as young as 6 through to retirees trying to rediscover their youth.



Depending on your needs we can provide:

  • Vocal technique specific to the student's age and ability
  • Education on importance of vocal hygiene and forming good vocal habits
  • Preparation for performance including audio equipment training
  • Aural and harmony training
  • Composition and song-writing techniques
  • HSC/ auditions/ music assessment preparation
  • Music industry mentoring
  • Working in a recording studio
  • Gathering repertoire
  • Understanding in a plethora of music genres